Leaving Denmark

Songs by Ian McCalman

Leaving Denmark

© Ian McCalman MCPS/PRS

"Scots Abroad" (2006 Greentrax CDTRAX 300)

Heading home for the last time
West across the sea
There's a cold wind blowing
But it doesn't bother me
I can hear the dockyard calling
And the lights dance in the sky
As the summer takes its leave
So must I

And the white sands of Jylland
Say "will you come again?"
As the North Sea greets the sailor
With a cold east rain from the shore
And the old boat rolls
A little more

Looking out from the top deck,
The coastline fades away
And the last of the trawlers
Say goodbye to the day
So here's to the first time
I sailed this stormy sea
It has changed so many lives
As it changed me

There will be no surprises
I've been here before
A silver beam tracks slowly
From Fanø's distant shore
Carried through the night
Strangers and me
To where the Forth runs down
To the North Sea